Check Out The 11 Qualities of Fuji Mystro, Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST)
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• Talent : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) has a natural talent in his chosen craft . The genuine interest in the craft propels him to hone his talent and improve in his performance everyday.‎
• Creativity : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) is a great performing musician and a very creative talented artist that can come up with fresh idea’s anytime. He makes his performances more interesting, engaging and exciting. Having him as an artist in a concert, gig or show will not be a waste of money and time, he is a good brand endorser.
‎• Obedient and Respect : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) is one of the most obedient artists  in Nigeria. He’s always ready to learn and open  for corrections day in day out. In terms of respect am sure you will score him a good grade on that.
‎• Self-Discipline : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) is a disciplined man with lots of respect for people most especially his fans. He does not toy with business time when it\’s time to  work.
‎• Presentation skills : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) is a great performing artist with excellent presentation skills and can present himself professionally when the needs arises.
‎• Perseverance : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) is very persevering and he has given out several job opportunities to people as a way to contribute and support the government in his own way. Even in the face of economy hardship of the country.
‎• High self-Esteem : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) has excellent self-esteem and does not let rejection and poor reviews affect his personal perspective or motivation while performing his duties.
• Enthusiasm : Abass Akande
 Obesere (PK1ST) has a great sense of enthusiasm for his craft. He support his peers and the industry as a whole and enjoys  the work he does as a musician. The passion shows in his work.‎
‎• Networking skills : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) is a man of excellent communication and got fast networking skills that’s why he is the best man when it comes to relating with people.
• ‎Flexibility : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) is a great performing artist and very flexible,as work in the arts can be intermittent and the schedules can vary widely. Having him around will not be a dull moment.
‎• Physical Stamina : Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) is a great performing artist. He has a good physical stamina and can endure long periods of standing, dancing, singing or other physical tasking activities to satisfy the fans .
‎After digesting the above qualities of Abass Akande Obesere (PK1ST) am sure he will be your best choice musician for your next engagement.
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