18+ Anita Our Sexy HouseMaid By Teddy Cee EPISODE 2

Anita Our Sexy Housemaid


18+ Anita Our Sexy HouseMaid By Teddy Cee EPISODE 2



My D*ck was already standing and fully erect in front of Anita. Anita looked down stylishly, and saw that my D*ck was already pushing up my towel….

She smiled….and started…



She smiled and licked her lips seductively as she catwalked quickly towards me; like a hungry lion ready to eat a wounded prey. I held her close, carresed her sexy thighs and hips gently.

” Wow Anita,” I whispered, ” Baby you are really endowed.”

“Hmmm Emeka, I know you like what you see,” she replied, ” Now let me see what is under your towel.”

She took a step back, and fipped my towel open.

“Wow, what is that?”, she asked with a surprise on her face.

” I know you like what you see too baby,” I retorted jokingly.

“Your dick is so big, long and a bit curved Emeka,” she confessed, as she stroked my dick in her hands.

Her soft hands felt so so good. She teased my dick, stroked it, and played with the cap. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling as she worked and massaged my black hard dick.

She came closer, I grabbed her ass and we kissed passionately while I Stroked her pointed nipples at the same time.

” Oooh, aaah..,” she moaned,

Lifted up her tank top, and placed one of her nipples in my hungry mouth.

” Oooh Uhhhm..Emeka….ohh baby…dont stop plssssa..,” she groaned, as my tongue started its work on her sweet and dark pointed nipples.

Sucking her big boobs felt so good. Anita really loves her boobs getting sucked. Moving one hand down to her vagina, I realized she was extremely wet. Her pu***sy felt so neatly shaved and soft- And I started fingering her. She was moaning and enjoying the moment, calling my name, holding me tight, as i kept on fingering her sweet pu**sy.

We were really enjoying the heated passion when all of a sudden we heard a loud noise.

Pweeew, Pweeew, Pweew.

“What is that,” I asked, while still sucking her nipples.

“Ooh, uhmmm, thhaat muusst bee theeeb kettle,” she moaned, as she managed to reply.

Anita had forgotten she kept a kettle on fire before she made her un-invited but welcomed visit to me in the bathroom.

She held my dick..and led me towards the kitchen.

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