18+ Anita Our Sexy HouseMaid By Teddy Cee EPISODE 3

18+ Anita Our Sexy HouseMaid By Teddy Cee EPISODE 3 SMASH9JA.COM

18+ Anita Our Sexy HouseMaid By Teddy Cee EPISODE 3 SMASH9JA.COM

18+ Anita Our Sexy HouseMaid By Teddy Cee EPISODE 3




Anita had forgotten she kept a kettle on fire before she made her un-invited but welcomed visit to me in the bathroom.

She held my dick..and led me towards the kitchen.



Anita my d**k with one hand, as she manoeuvred her way through the sitting room. I followed from behind, one hand on her hips. She quickly turned off the gas, turned around, looked me in the eyes and kisssed me again. She worked her way down from my lips, to my neck, while stroking my dick at the same time. I closed my eyes slowly as she teased me.

Then suddenly I felt something warm and soft on the cap of my d**k. It felt so warm, sending pleasurable shivers down my spine. I opened my eyes immediately to see Anita sucking my d**k. The feeling was out of this world.

” Yeaaah baaaby,” I moaned while playing with her long braids.

When it comes to sucking, Anita is a professional. She would lick the tip my d**k, roll her tongue on it, suck it, then swallow it – the whole whole length of my dick in her small sexy mouth.
She slowly removed my d**k from her wet mouth then looked up at me.

” Please BANG me now Emeka,” she begged, ” I need you inside of me now.”

Her voice was so seductive. I coudnt wait any more. I turned her around and removed her bumshot. Held her waist gently, and bent her on the kitchen table with her shaved pink pu**sy staring at me from behind – Doggystyle things.

Holding her hips with one hand and my dick with the other hand, I slowly guided my d**k into her waiting wet pussy. She moaned my name as I entered her.

” Yeaaah..aahh umhhh Emeka”

I removed my dick from her p**sy, tapped it on her big ass four times, then inserted it back inside; going deep this time, banging her in and out. The feeling out of this world.

She worked her hips on me, pushing backward as jerk forward into her wet pu**sy.

” aaaah, eemmmeekkaa, ohh …ah baby,…uhmmm…dont stop pls…aaaahss,” she moaned.

” yeaaa baby,” I groaned ,while jerking in and out of her sweet pu**sy and stroking her
her nipples from under.

We fucked doggy for another fifteen minutes before changing position. I sat on the kitchen chair while Anita sat on my waiting dick, kissing me as she goes up and down.

” ahh baby…oooh….ooooahh……aaaash,” she moaned with excitment, ” your d**ck is so swwwweeet emmeekka.”

Sucking her boobs again felt so good. She placed her hands around my neck,then pressed my head into her chest, while i grabbed her ass, lifting it up and down on my dick.

We were both sweating and breathig fast. Her became increasingly loud, and I was scared our “amebo” gateman, Sule, might find out about us. So I grabbed her ass and lifted her up, d**k still in her wet p**sy, her legs wrapped behind my waist and hands around my neck. As I carried her off to the bedroom ,still fucking; standing position…

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