Sorry State of Enugu – Onitsha Expressway (Tale of a Country In Steady Decline) By Smash @FRSCNigeria


Sorry State of Enugu – Onitsha Expressway (Tale of a Country In Steady Decline)

Today September 9th 2016 I was on My way to Enugu from Anambra My Hometown, Where Ave Been for over a week now for my Grandmum’s Burial (Her Soul Rest in Peace) She died aged 92 Years.


I Stopped Over at Ecowas Awka, to meet with A few of my Blogger Friends, Dawise
& Whizbangz
Whom ave known for over 2 years now and I just Met them for the First time Today, Despite Calls from My Mum nd Younger Siblings to Leave Anambra on Time for Enugu, I thought to myself is it not a 45 Mins Journey? Not knwing what Awaited me Ahead.


I had not the slightest Idea that The Enugu – Onitsha Expressway I plied as a Young Child without Spending upto an Hour was now a Death Trap.


I Last Travelled to Enugu 2013 December. Since then ave only Visited My Hometown Anambra From my State of Residence Lagos.

After My Hangout with Dawise nd Bangz I left Awka Aboard A Toyota Sienna Belonging to Transport Company of Anambra State (TRACAS) around 3:45 Pm. After a shortwhile we left Anambra I was hearing that the road was bad. I had no Idea How Bad. Till I Saw my self. I was Brought to Tears.

Both the Old Road & The So called Double Lane Express Looked like a Road in a Deserted Village. Little did I knw that was just the beginning.


On Getting to Ugwuoba A few Minutes Drive From Oji River. The Road Was So Bad, I Saw Trucks Fallen By the Road Side trying to Navigate the Gulley Ridden Road. The Little Rain that Showered Earlier didn’t help Matters, The Road Blocked to the Extent that all Cars and buses plying the Route were at a Stand Still for Over 2 Hours. No Movement.

img_20160913_173152 img_20160913_180139
Gulley Ridden, Wet, Clay Filled, Water & Pot Holes Filled, Buses, Cars Jeeps all Got stuck at some point there. We got to UgwuOba at Around 4:06Pm We were Dere moving a few poles after a few hours.


We Got down & Started controlling Traffic. Leaving our Car far behind to help make way for us, after 4 Excruciating Hours of Being Stuck in a Gulley Ridden, Pot hole Ridden Road that we were not supposed to spend More than 15 Mins. We left UgwuOba on Our Way to Enugu


I experienced Briefly what it felt like to be a Traffic Warden, Made some new Temporary Friends, Freeze, Nwa Aba, Daniel, nd Tochi My fellow Traffic Wardens.

The Responsible Ministries Should do Something to that Road and Other Death Traps like that. Women going to Market Suffer through hell like this on a daily Basis, Those Schooling at Awka.

I Seriously Wonder Why The So Called Change Government will Appoint Ministers who don’t know a thing about the Ministry they are being Appointed into. People Are Dying Suffering Because of the Carelessness and Non-Challant Attitude of those we Voted in to Govern us.

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