Actress Opeyemi Aiyeola Writes On Less Stress In Raising A Male Child (READ)


Nollywood actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola Owolomonse a yoruba Actress will always has one thing or the other to say about life experiences and societal issues she has gone through her lifetime up till date.

This time around the mother of two posted a message to parents about raising their children especially the female child.

Read what she wrote below:

“Am always of this opinion and belief that the future we desire is right in our doings today…we can choose to do the right thing, or just ignore and pretend it doesn’t concern us…as adult,of course we’ve seen a lot and here we are today,but for the new born, I mean as regard raising a child, irrespective of the sex is a serious issue a mother must pass through,one that goes far beyond our wisdom but for the grace of God. .. For a male, permit to say, its somehow less stressful and as well could be “less risky”…but for the female I feel it’s much more than taking “chocolate and pizza”.

God Almighty should just protect them for us, and teach us right to nurture them… A lady child sure needs more of all the Guardian, the counselling, foundational education and that complete orientation…not only towards becoming a better woman for herself, but to also to become more useful to the society, hopefully in the end a loving mother and a supportive wife.

Make no mistake, It’s a global world now, and so many things are changing while lots are evolving . Gone are those days we see females as lesser human or the helper we usually call them. Anyhow you look at it, a typical woman rules. In case you still doubting? we own the world and in our hands holds the key… We can either be the maker, but God forbid we be the breaker…
But i would prefer a situation we the adult,no matter the challenges we face today, see the future of our children as one that should be healthy and fully secured. .. Then and there, even after we are no more, we can convincingly smile and rest in peace wherever we are…
Please Let us join hands and build a better tomorrow?its never too late to start today”

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