Wives on the Run, Episode 2, Story by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Episode 2 Wives on the Run; Story by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Wives on the Run, Episode 2, Story by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

 Wives on the Run, Episode 2, Story by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Last Week  on Wives on the Run: Each time she needed someone new she brought in a guy into the house, sleeps with him and tells her husband to clean her up. Until one day, his mother came around…

Episode 2:

As a smart woman, she was prepared for the worse, she knew his mother would come and start asking questions on her new attitude. She collected a charm from Queen Kiki. Foluke turned her husband’s mother into a ‘nobody’. She started her mission.

Sitting with her friends and treating themselves to a good meal on the dinning table; Ken’s mother brought more food to the table, dishing out the food to the ladies, she mistakenly poured little stew on Foluke’s dress. She gave her a very hard slap. “You are mad, very stupid old woman”. The other ladies were shocked at her action.

‘what was that for, Mary asked, why did you slap her, have you lost it” she scolded her.

“Did I slap you, was it your mother I slapped, is she related to you in anyway, why don’t you mind your business, she is my  mother-in-law, if she is not going to behave on my own terms in my own house, then she should go back to the village, is anyone holding her hostage here. Sometimes I wonder how Ken managed to have this lunatic to be his mother. She behaves stupidly. Common, will you look for clean napkin and clean off this mess. Idiot” Foluke continued.

Ken’s mother entered the kitchen, came back and cleaned the mess. She was holding her cheek, still in shock. “Do you want anything else” she said with tears in her eyes.

“Get out of my sight, I don’t wanna see you, you are smelling, gosh!” She shouted.

Mary looked at the other women, they couldn’t say a word because it could make them loose their friendship with her. Foluke was a lady who helped them get to where they are. She has helped them a lot in the past before she decided to turn herself into a monster.

********Later at Night**********

Ken came back from work very late and tired. Holding his briefcase in his hands and landing on the cushion, his wife held a belt behind him. “So it has gotten to this?” Foluke said. He looked back and was shocked to see her standing there. He quickly went on his kneels. “I am so sorry my love, I didn’t mean to, the traffic was so crazy that I was helpless. It won’t happen again” he said.

She stretched the belt out and gave him a stroke with it. “God will punish you, you are mad, you and your family members. Where is the money I told you to deposit for me into the bank. I told you I needed to fix my nails, go to the spa and I needed money for it. Yet you didn’t credit my account. Why? What excuse do you have. For this single offence, you will have to wash all the cars in this compound this night. Oya, move” she pointed at the door and sent him out into the dark to wash the cars.

Days, weeks, months passed, she continued to transfer her husband’s asset into her account and lived a good life. Finally, she found six women who joined the cult. They all were the women in power, they controlled everything.

Ken’s mother is very ill and cannot leave her room to attend to Anything. The old woman laid in her bed, shivering. Foluke came into the room, found her lying there and used a broom to Chase her to the floor. “What kind of witch is this tori olorun. You knew you were carrying disease and you still came to the city to stay. This woman, did they send you to me, oya get up, get up, get up.” She shouted and pushed her. She hit her head on the wall closest to her and died on the spot.

To be continued next Friday.

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