Episode 4 Wives on the Run, Story by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Episode 4 Wives on the Run, Story by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Episode 4 Wives on the Run, Story by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Episode 4 Wives on the Run, Story by Joy Akosa-Eghebi


Episode 4

How would Kate want him to marry her? He thought to himself. He was in desperate need of the money and he agreed to marry her. She gave him the money and extra. She wanted him to be closer to her each and everyday so as to have sex at will. She knew she was  sex addict but there was nothing she could do about it. 

12months later******

They had wedded and she was enjoying the marriage but wasn’t enjoying the fact that Francis had become so busy that he hardly stayed at home except on weekends.

Kate met with Foluke at the supermarket and they exchanged pleasantries, explaining to Foluke her suitation. “My sister, you know me very well how much I love to have sex, I hate been deprived of it and that is the more reason I married that my housekeeper, Francis, but now, he got a job and is always occupied, he doesn’t even have time to eat at home these days. I really don’t know what to do oh. The whole matter tire me” she said.

Foluke laughed; “oh girl, you funny oh! What happened to all the guys around the area. Get one boy to yourself nah” she said.

“Boy ke, didn’t I see other men before I married Franci He is so good at it, so good that you will wonder if he once acted porn movies. I just can’t imagine myself with someone else. Abeg I like em style” Kate said, still picking items from the store.

“Then make him quit his job, make him become the housekeeper you enjoyed day and night, make him stay at home so he can always satisfy you anytime you want” Foluke said.

“I should make a grownup man, stay at home all day, then I will now be the breadwinner?, ah Foluke, that one is suicide na,” Kate said.

“Shebi it is you who wants sex, and besides you have more than enough to cater for both of you, pending the time children starts coming, so what’s the big deal. See ehn, now that you are married, I would want you to join our cult, we are good women with power, you will hear different stories of how women are the one in charge of their home at the moment. As it is, no man can toy with me” she said, smiling.

I like that one oh, but I don’t want to be in total control, I just want to have him to myself all da,” Kate explained.

“Meet me in the house by 5pm tomorrow, I will be the one hosting the women at my place” Foluke said and went to her car parked outside and drove off.

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To be continued.

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