Episode 6: Wives on the Run; by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Episode 6 Wives on the Run; by Joy Akosa-Eghebi smash9ja.com

Episode 6 Wives on the Run; by Joy Akosa-Eghebi smash9ja.com

Episode 6: Wives on the Run; by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

They say, nothing good ever comes easy, in the case of Kate, it came more like 1,2,3 and she was so proud of herself. The task was easy to accomplish, she just needed to make love to Francis and use his singlet to clean herself and submit to the temple. She did it with ease and Francis came under her spell.

Francis has stopped worked, she had him under control, she got him exactly where she wanted, she makes love at will without no objection from him. Money isn’t the problem, her company was there to cater for the family, his money never added value anyways.

******************(marriage  counsellor)***

Well, well, you got the whole story right yeah? Different women entering a cult for reasons best known to them. Some because they wanted to control their husbands, some because they wanted to revenge on their husbands for treating them bad. You see, I don’t want to be biased, men have issues too, can you imagine, beating your wife now and then. Anyway, fast forward to months later, this women became tougher and graduated from just been possessive to being dangerous. It all started with Kate.


A young, fair, tall, charming young lady, claiming to be Francis family member comes around every now and then to visit. Kate welcomed her in and makes her comfortable. Natalie as she is called is Francis lover and she was pained when she heard the situation he is now facing, decided to come to save him from Kate’s hands.

“I know very well am not supposed to come here, but I can’t bare this thing am hearing, I wanted to come and see for myself, I want to come and witness what is really going on. Francis this is not you, how can you tell me, you don’t feel like working and stay at home all day” she told Francis and she comes closer to seduce him. Baby I have missed you, stop questioning my coming here please, if it is for your wife, she won’t even suspect, I promise ” she said.

“My problem is not you coming, but my problem is she finding out, you will be dead, you won’t live to tell the story. Natalie I wish I could control the suitation, but she needs me at home all the time and I need the money she pumps on me, I need to make her feel good” he told her.

“I  really don’t understand, make her feel good how? You told me you stopped work because you now run a business online and it pays you more, now you have to stay at home because you have to make her feel good? I don’t get it” she said curiously.

“She is a sex addict, she can’t do without it, so I am here to recharge her batteries every three hours on an average. Sometimes she doesn’t mind going four rounds at a go. She married me for this reason and this is the only reason she wants me at her Beck and call” he said.

“Jesus Christ of Nazareth, she shouted standing on her feet, what kind of addict Is that? No no, I won’t accept this rubbish” she said again.

“Don’t bother yourself, you can’t do nothing, just keep calm and let the game play, I just want you here, at least I have hope that I am a man with you. I know you are worried, but leave it” he calmed her.

“I pray I am able to leave it, she will feel my impact before I leave this house. She is crazy.

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To be continued…

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