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Eminence otito dilli jeso
Enugu base fast rising music artiste “Eminence” is about to take over the Nigeria music industry with his really credible rap talent.

There are so many upcoming rappers out there trying to sell their services to the music industry, but only few artistes have what is takes what it takes.

Gone are the days when one just goes into the studio and sing trash, it won’t sell!Displaying Screenshot_2016-06-02-11-42-31

It very certain young EMINENCE understands this tricks as his lyrics are so deep and filled with meaningfulness that one has to play his songs again and again to be able to decode its message.

A rap artiste age 21, hailing from ovoko in ENUGU STATE (o42) he took interest in music at the age of 18 as a singer but along the line switched to  the rap genre which he’s really good at.
With aid of music producers, such as, Benzee d soundcraft, Wizzyben, Sky twinx, Dj tofaz, DJ vally, whose assistance has contributed to his moving forward, eminence is going to be dropping more singles soon.

Watch out for that dude!!

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