Lagos pastor seeks dissolution of 4-year marriage over sexual

Pastor Ndubisi told the court that his wife was
frustrating him as she starves him of sex and
food at will, always coming up with flimsy
excuses anytime he wants to make love to her.
In his evidence in chief, Pastor Ndubisi said:
“My wife (Seraphina) starves me of food and
sex. She always gives excuses whenever I want
to make love to her. Despite all my pleading,
she will not allow me; my body is not a
firewood or iron rod.
Apart from s*x, she also denies me food; she
is a poor cook and hardly cooks. Whenever she
does, it is either the food is too salty or
watery. If I complain, she will take the food
and dispose of it and she will never apologize.
I used to buy food to eat or go hungry.”
Apart from the sexual starvation accusation,
the pastor also accused his wife of infidelity
» and having affairs with other men.
“My wife is having an affair. On February 1,
2016, I called my wife with a new SIM I just
bought. She never knew I who was calling and
asked if it was because my wife was around
that I refused to call or visit her.
It was then that I knew that my wife was
having an affair. I refused to respond. I waited
for her to do the talking and she started calling
me sweet names and told me how much she
loves and misses me.”

“She insisted I should say something; I later
revealed myself to her and she was shocked.
Before I got home, she has packed out with
our three-year-old daughter.
When she did not return for days, I reported
at the police station; I also went to the radio
and television stations including a newspaper,
to place an announcement of a missing

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