SEE The Twins Who Share Everything Including A Boyfriend!!! (Photos)

They share a Facebook account, a job, even eat the same
thing so they can have the same body weight. ” If she walks
a few meters , I also have to work a few meters, because we
have to burn calories. That’s us, I want my body to look the
same as my sister’s, we don’t want to weigh different and i
know we never will ” one of the ladies said in recent
The twins insist that they must have children at the same
time because their bodies must be the same. And in a bid to
make sure this is possible, one is willing to have IVF
immediately the other is pregnant. The girls said their father
often struggled to tell them apart when they were younger.
And they have also being dating Byrbe since 2012 after he
added them on facebook.
The Boyfriend says:-
“It’s my first time with two girlfriends, and to be honest
its very difficult keeping up because it has to be 100% on
both sides, whatever I do on one side, I must do on the
One of the sisters say the question they get most of the
time is ”How does one guy keep up with two girls in the
bedroom?” She however answered ”Put it this way, we’re
very active girls and he needs twice the energy”.
The 3 share a super King sized bed. (Wow that guy is
trying, especially that bedroom part).

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