Freeze Narrates How A Military Man Beat Up A Lady; Threatened Her With Gun (Photos)



Popular OAP, Freeze is definitely out
to voice out as he continues to
condemn violence against woman. The
popular OAP took to his Instagram
page to share a tearful ordeal a
woman went through in the hands of
a military man. Read the encounter
below as shared by Freeze below:
Let us all kick against Violence to
women! Ajetomobi ibukunoluwa
@ajetomobi20, the young lady
allegedly battered by Afeez an officer
in Nigeria airforce penned a
horrifying account of the incident to
me ~FRZ ** “He went to my aunts
house at 12.16am with his girlfriend,
he said he was looking for me, and my
aunt told him I was not in their house
that he should either call me or come
back the next day at day break. The
next morning, my aunt told me that I
should warn my friend not to come to
her house at midnight again because
he disturb the entire neighborhood.
I called him but his phone was off. On
my way to get stuffs I met him and he
stopped his car, before I could ask him
why he came to my aunt house at that
time of the day he slapped me, and
collected my phone and gave it to his

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So I locked his shirt that why will he
slap me when I did nothing to him in
the process, his gold chain cut and that
was when the real beating started. He
asked the girl to be videoing it but
when the officer was beating me the
girl will stop, he told the girl not to
worry that he will pay her well.
My phone was ringing but the
girlfriend didn’t release my phone. He
said he was taking me to the police
station and I said no problem that I
will use the gold chain as an evidence
of beating me, that it was in the
process of beating me the chain cut.
So the girlfriend and a friend of his
asked him to collect the gold necklace
because it can serves as an evidence
against him, but I did not release the
chain and that was when he called
four officers.
I said I will give him the chain at the
police station but before I know what
was next, the other friends came and
before I could explain myself, started
beating me, asking me to give them
the chain. So I put the chain in my
mouth than they started hitting my
head on the ground.
It was when the people in the area
said they were going to call the police,
so they carried me saying they were
taking me to the hospital but instead
they took me to their house and
started using money to beg me, Saying
that I shouldn’t do anything and I
should give them the chain but I
insisted that it evidence I will use at
the police station that was when a gun
was pointed at my head and they gave
me a a written speech, written by
them that if I should try and do
anything, they will use it against me
that’s is better I collect the money. I
told them I don’t want. My mum and
aunt came and took me to the

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