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A Letter to Wizkid and the Big Wigs in the Industry on his Birthday by R&B Artist Flowz Williams | @FlowzwilliamsLM @itsgswag

Upcoming R&B Artist Flowz Williams drafts a letter to Wizkid and all the big wigs in the Nigerian Music Industry on his Birthday. Read Below:

Entertainment is understood to be carried out to give pleasure or relaxation to an audience. I also feel the entertainer equally feels the same pleasure since its what a true entertainer loves doing……. As others enjoy both of this pleasures, upcoming artists enjoy just one and in some cases none, considering the frustrations in shows, media houses and how tough it seem to break through in Music as a career. Talents are getting wasted everyday basically due to lack of encouragement and motivation which should be inform of finance, cheer, publication or a simple acknowledgement for a good work done from the “Already Made” and also the well to do entertained personalities…….. Its quite disheartening when almost no one is ready to assist and help build on talents and creativity of young individuals that always anticipate, download, listen and call on this superiors as Mentors. Many know our competence but make us feel rejected maybe because we ain’t related by blood, but we are one Africa and one Nigeria, your next door neighbor is your brother or sister. Its actually very wrong to use flimsy excuses as a yardstick…… That not withstanding it goes bad to the extent of Crooks duping the upcoming artists of the little they have earned in the name of fake assistance but end up lowering the Morales of the young lads….. To the big wigs, its rather a huge disappointment to those who also passed through same problems and still ignore real tablets. If I put on some person’s shoes, I’ll try my best to make an impact knowing fully well that I also passed through the same difficulties….. I plead for the celebrated and successful artists in the industry to please look behind and bring this determined upcoming lads who also look up to them as mentors as well as role models. Remember there is actually more blessing is giving than receiving…. I pray and hope this gets to our big wigs in the industry and they also take this as a challenge and help lay down complex strategies and a conducive environment to build and prevent this talents from being wasted and also get the African entertainment industry on the road Map to the top in the world entertainment industry.
To this end i would like to wish the C.E.O Star boy entertainment a Happy Born Day.
Happy Birthday STAR BOY Wizzy.

Flowz Williams wishes you more Grace in your extremely successful career!!!!.
Flowz Williams a renowned R&B singer which dropped a great tune “For You” not quite long ago gained much accolades and buzz from fans on social media with appreciation to his work. Download Flowz Williams “For You” below:-

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