Donald Trump’s Look-Alike Grabs the Butt of Ghanaian Girl Publicly (Photos)

A girl assumed to be around the age of 20 has boldly flaunted her father’s age-mate as her lover presumably due to financial gains.


Jusmine Wale Walter and her elderly lover

A young Ghanaian lady identified as Jusmine Wale Walter has become a social media sensation after she uploaded pictures of herself and her white ‘sugardaddy’ in a public appearance.
The elderly whiteman at some point appeared to have hit her behind in a public appearance at the shopping mall.
“My boo, my heart, my life, my something, my everything, I love you so much…..the love is deep kisses” her message on Facebook read.
The man according to social media comments shares similar looks with the American President-elect Donald Trump who is currently 70 years old.

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