I sleep with any girl that hears i live in Banana Island” -Lagos big boy

According to the story sent in by a Lagos big boy who wanted to remain anonymous, girls have become ‘hungry’ and fall very easily for him after he tells them he lives in Banana Island.He said some even go ahead to pose for pictures in is house. See what he said below:”You asked me to send a mail. Well, thisis it. Anytime I tell a girl i live in Banana Island, their eyes open like i’m their saviour or I’m JESUS Christ. What the hell! Why are our girls so hungry? Every girl I’ve told I live there, i end up f*cking. Where is the challenge Joro? These girls are so easy.

There was this girl, she refused to leave my house o. She took selfie and pictures beside all my cars. When i saw her IG post i almost threw up. This one girl was asking me if i’m Linda IKeji’s neighbour, and can i take her to Linda’s house? WTF!!! Are we on excursion?The girls I have come across who are decent are the rich kids and girls who have their own money. The rest are RIP to their p*ssy. I’ll chop them and discardthem until they learn. Happy Sunday.”

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