Mum From Hell!! Mum Breaks Son’s Head For Not Washing Plate. (Graphic Photos)


Most Times I wonder if some women are deserving of the Title “Mother”. I see no Reason A “Mother” would Opt To break Her Child’s Head with Her High Heeled Shoe for not Washing Plate.

According to Arican88, the woman, Mojisola Jaqueen Ajenifuja, is so fond of maltreating the SS1 student, so much that people within their vicinity in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State believe the boy may not be her biological son.

Read what Arican88 posted:

“Abdulgafar Ajenifuja left the house yesterday after an interview with him in his parent house at Ikorodu, Ajenifuja Alejo street, Benson road, on Saturday.

During the interview, he said that his mother, Mojisola Jaqueen Ajenifuja, gave him a deep cut on his head on Friday because she ordered him to wash plates but he told her to give him more time to study for the practical he will be having the next day.

Gafar Ajenifuja is an SS1 student of Homat Group of School, Ikorodu. Also said that his mother’s behavior towards him and his younger ones is absurd. She treats them like she is not their biological mother.

A family member expressed his anger saying:

‘Moji is a threat to the family and the children, even neighbors too. She fights with everybody. We the family have told her to leave severally because of her cruel behavior towards the children and everyone’

He also said that before the incident, some neighbors reported her behavior towards the children to the Ikorodu Ojogbe Welfare that claimed to monitor her for weeks and after they witnessed that she is a bad mother, the children were taken from her but she found her way back with the children.

A woman who can fight the whole members of her husband family and force them to leave their father’s house is capable of doing anything to the children and force them out of their fathers house too.”

Gafar cried to the press on Saturday and showed the scars of his mother’s beatings all over him and said that it is the same with his younger ones.”

“He pleaded saying:

‘Please take me away from my mother before she kills me. I was very brilliant before now and I was a happy with my father’s family members around me but now, they are far away because of my mother.


One of the neighbor also said:

‘Iya Gafar is a mad woman. She is a disgrace to motherhood. The society should not allow this type of a woman to be responsible with a child.



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