Okonjo-Iweala needs to have a rethink towards supporting the FG to revive our economy- Doyin Okupe says

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In a post titled “National Economic Emergency”
which he shared on his Facebook wall
yesterday, former media aide to former
President Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, prevailed on
former Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-
Iweala, to have a rethink and lend her support
to the APC-led government towards reviving the
economy which is currently in recession.
According to him, issues concerning Nigeria
should not be politicized. He also gave support
towards the Economic Emergency power
President Buhari is asking the National
Assembly to give him so he can move speedily
towards reviving the economy. Read his post
It is a fact that Nigeria as a country is in
dire straits in terms of its economy. It is
not too important how we got here or
who or what brought us here. We need
an exit plan desperately. Sadly, there is
too much politicking in Nigeria. Our
Partisanship is obscenely unhealthy for
our nation. A few of our people are still
behaving as if elections are yet to take
place. But the truth is elections have
come and obviously they have also gone.
Unfortunately our economy, has slipped
into a recession and that is crippling
everybody and everything. No matter
what government and those opposed to
government are saying, there is no easy
way out of a recession. When President
Obama came in, in his first term, the US
was in recession. He was young, brilliant,
and smoking hot, it took nearly 2yrs to
see the tips of the mountain, and almost
the same length of time before the flood
of recession started to recede. At that
time the opposition threw diatribes and
invectives similar to what is being
thrown at President Buhari now, at him.
But he remained focussed and steadfast.
Eventually he succeeded. ‘While wailing,
howling or even cursing from the
populace will certainly not help our
situation, pretence, conceit or sheer
optimism from government quarters also
is no panacea for the economic infirmity
bedevilling our Nation. ‘This situation
calls for an end to extreme partisanship
in the face of a major threatening
national emergency. ‘We need to, and we
must put all hands on deck. May be
President Buhari’s famous quote”….We
have no other country that we can call
our own” is more apt now than “the
change begins with me ” mantra, which
may not be as bad as it is being
presented, except that the cliche was
coming almost 18months late. It would
have been better received if it was part
of the inaugural speech of the president.
Dr,mrs, Okonjo Iweala must have a
rethink. This is not about Buhari or Apc,
it is about the survival of over 20% of
black population in the world. It is about
the continued existence of the most
populous nation in Africa. It is about
Nigeria, the only nation where black
history and heritage can be redefined.
We must bring in all our aces, Kalu Ndika
Kalu, Soludo, Rewani, Tunde Lemo,
Utomi, shanmsudeen, our revered Emir
of Kano and a host of others. Recession
is a word, I agree, but a very challenging
word describing a critical problem. But it
is a challenge. Nations have gone in and
out of recessions before now, we can
jointly, working together , find answer to
this thorny all encompassing national
malaise. Does the President need
emergency powers to deal with this
situation ? I answer YES in the
affirmative even though I have
reservations . But truth is sacrosanct .
Monies must be spent that cannot wait
for the normal process of legislative
approvals. Actions must be taking by the
President and his executives that cannot
wait for the usual debates in our
hallowed legislative chambers. But alas,
there are fears, genuine fears of abuse
of such powers, especially against
political opponents. Perhaps this is what
we need to debate and work on and
ensure that all such possibilities are
eliminated with legislative craftiness and
deftness that cannot be wanting
amongst the robust body of our
legislators . But if the president must
lead this struggle against Recession
such legal framework will assist him

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