Old man caught pants down defiling little girl in a bush (photos)

According to Facebook user Osquare D. Okpanachi, an incident occurred which shook the residents of Kwali in Abuja, recently.

An old man who is thought to be in his late fifties or early sixties, was caught having carnal knowledge of a little girl of about 4 years, right in the middle of a bush path.

Here’s what Okpanachi who shared the post wrote:

“I have always known there is evil in the land, but I didn’t know it will go this length where an old grandfather will molest & destroy the virginity of a poor 4-year-old child. This happened in Kwali, Abuja. My heart is crying for severe punishment for this devil incarnate.”

Man caught molesting little girl

Man caught defiling little girl in Abuja

Young men surround the man caught defiling a little girl

Na wa ooo

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