Tyga, Kylie Jenner spotted riding in Lambourghini – Are The Reunited?

Barely two weeks after their very public
split » , a fan claims to have spotted the pair
riding in the 26-year-old rapper’s
Lambourghini on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.
The claims seem too good to be true as Kylie
and Tyga’s Snapchat accounts tell very different
Following reports that the model had been
spotted kissing her new flame » ,
PartyNextDoor over Memorial Day weekend,
Tyga’s Snapchat featured a new blonde model
speculated to be his new girl.
Of course, the new model might simply be one
of the many which have been spotted in
Tyga’s company » over the last too weeks,
including Demi Rose, who he denied
dating » .
Although friends close to the pair have
revealed that they think the split may be for
good » , they just might be back on track.

Time will tell.
Watch video clip below:

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