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Rayce is one of naija hit making artists no doubt with his back to back hit songs from Go Gaga Go to Tetela and now Wetin Dey. The easily going musical artist, songwriter and producer voiced out on the sentiment in high level among the awards organisers in Nigeria on this interview with Doris Onyi Unamba of 1steleven9jTv

Relax and enjoy the interview….

QUESTION : Can we meet you?


My real name is Kingsley Amoni Arase a.k.a Rayce

I’m from Edo State, Owa to be precise.

What else again you don’t know about me?

I think a lot of people doesn’t know that am a producer.

I think few people know, but since this is basically all about me here.

Am a producer,

Am single,

Am just an easy going guy,

I like to mind my business.

QUESTION : We would like to know what actually inspire you to go into Music?


I don’t know, I won’t say is one particular reason.

I just found out that as i was growing up i found myself in the lane and I was doing it right.

It’s not because i was looking for money or may be my father was broke or may be one thing or the other.

QUESTION : Are you are not in choir back then?


Well i was in the choir as a drummer not even as a musician but even as a drummer, you are also a musician.

That was what i was doing.

I wasn’t even allowed to sing, is just drumming.

QUESTION :  I think your fans would also like to know when your next track will be released.


My next track is ready, as a matter of fact we are trying to put out two different things together.


Basically is ready and is hopefully dropping in couple of weeks. Because is already high in temple we don’t need to drop the temple, I hope is what you guys will like am trying to put out good music.

Hopefully i think this one is for ladies out there.

Am sure you all will love it because it’s going to be another super hit song.

QUESTION : Are you planning of featuring any of these big stars like you did with Davido on Wetin Dey Remix?


Well this time i think i will not say is somebody.

Yes hopefully, if i am going to have a remix for this one.

Because i might just decide to leave it like that way but it depends on my fans because my fans might ask for a remix but when the need arises we might considering do it.

If yes am sure is somebody that you will always like it will  be your first or second choice artist.

QUESTION : So we shouldn’t expect the title of the track ?


I don’t want to say anything because you know, i might decide to change the title.

Anything can happen anytime. Change is just one constant thing.

QUESTION : Who is your role model in the music industry?


For now no one let’s forget about that one. Thank u.


QUESTION : Okay, so far, will you say you have no regret taking a part to fame?


Well regret. Okay for me the fact you know sometimes. Hmmm no I don’t regret anything well let just say sometimes, I get hit by my fans and hmm. Basically, we do have some little regrets  in whatever we are doing but i love my job and for every reason is a sacrifice and whatever thing that is there am going to bear with it.

But sometimes you wish like men i wish like I can have a private life. Like have it back again but e dey sweet.

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QUESTION : Recently there was a rumour about you being signed to Oritsefemi’s record label. MSN to be precise. How true is that?


No there is nothing like that is just because i was working with his former manager “Danku” a lot of people hard a lot of things  misunderstood but everyone is cool no problem.

QUESTION : Is there no someone on your mind like to say, when are you getting married ?



Sometimes i was trying to put it on the rule, try not to expose them, but of course am just kind of person there would be somebody there always inspiring you at times support you and also motivate you. Because am a man, not because am a musician doesn’t mean i will not have one woman somewhere.


QUESTION : Do you think you are underrated in the music industry?



Why do people always like asking me this question every time.

I know my grade and everything in the industry. Just sometime i just feel like probably needs to do more like promoting my work. So in that case am not saying am underrated on that particular note but so far so good Wetin Dey is doing extremely well bursting their bubbles everywhere we dey drop the hits God dey o.


QUESTION : Have you won any award before?



May be like some award in a couple of time in Nigeria. Basically, I will say what i have been doing is dropping and dropping of songs, have really not been doing music business in the past but for now is more shows more money, no money, no show.


QUESTION : What words of encouraging do you have for youth out there, especially those looking up to you?



Well is just something , the first thing i always tell anybody that is coming into this business, is that, before you get into this, no matter what you do, either you are singing or acting or you are working in an oil company, you know is stage by stage.

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Nothing comes easily you have to be prayerful, you have to be straight forward. Sometimes there will be a lot of confusion. Because you just have to be there. You want to be in the TV. But there is always a task,  the ability for you to understand that there is always a task.

No matter how much you must pass through. You must be patience. I think if you put all that together you will reach where you are going. Patience is the keyword. If you are not patience, that means you want to enter through the back door and you know what that means already.


QUESTION : There is another question! How do you rate the Nigeria awards organisers, are they doing well?



Well i will say sometimes it’s not fair. Am not going to mention names, but this particular awards am saying everybody knows the award am talking about. Whatever happen recently, you know we should give award to whom the award is due to and let’s stop the man no man things or influence because in everything we do God dey o.


Question : What should your fans expect from you this year?


Answer : yeah, this is my year of ruling the industry big time and all my fans should expect more hit songs because Rayce is ready to takeover.


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