Iyiola Omisore reacts to EFCC declaring wanted


The former Osun state deputy governor who was
declared wanted today by EFCC for receiving
N700 million from the office of the former
National Security Adviser, NSA, has released a
statement describing the EFCC’s action as
blackmail. Read the statement below..
I read the statement issued by the
Econimic and Financial Crimes
Commission (EFCC) purportedly declaring
me wanted as an attempt by that
organisation and its leadership to tarnish
my image. That statement, if indeed it
was issued by the EFCC, is the height of
mischief and a deliberate attempt to
assassinate my character.
It is now very clear that the EFCC is indeed
playing out the script of persecuting and
harassing perceived opposition groups in the
country. To be sure, there is no basis for the
EFCC so-called statement. Only on Tuesday,
May 24, we appeared in court with the EFCC
asking for the permission of the court for an
extension of time in the preliminary objection to
a suit filed against me.
The Managing Director of Firmex Gill which the
EFCC joined in their case indemnified me from
the company’s contracts and any such
obligations. In other words, there is nothing
relating to me in the company’s contract deal
with the Office of the National Security Adviser
The company has even sued the ONSA for its
inability to pay the balance of the contract so
awarded to it. Therefore, I am not aware of any
issue relating to a contract sum of N700 million.
There was no issue of N700 million anywhere.
The relationship between the company and
ONSA is civil and contractual, which has nothing
to do with me. Besides, so long as their
business transactions are legitimate and since I
am not directly managing the company, how am
I to know who and who they do business with?
The EFCC should not be seen playing the role of
political victimisation of innocent individuals,
coercion and blackmail. Sadly that is simply
what this organisation has been doing.
Blackmail, I strongly believe, won’t help EFCC.
If the organisation and its leadership think they
have any case against me, they should come to
court with their facts. This act of blackmail and
deliberate tarnishing the image of perceived
political enemies won’t help the image of the
EFCC and it won’t get it result.
How can you declare someone you were in court
with at 9.00a.m today wanted the same day, a
few hours afterwards? I am appealing to all
human rights and civil society organisations to
caution EFCC from damaging my reputation
further. If they have facts, I challenge them to
bring them to court and not resort to blackmail,
intimidation and victimisation.

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Signed: Senator Iyiola Omisore

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