Interview 101 – Good News, Now You Can Learn How to Interview Right!

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That is right, before you leave for your first interview you should already know how to get hired. Planning in advance is only natural, but some folks miss the importance of this because they are so experienced, they feel like they are all set or conversely they are blissfully unaware of the need for proper preparation. Now by following these key strategies before your first interview, you can get hired without missing countless opportunities.

General success tips would include all the obvious ones like make a great first impression by smiling big, dressing professionally, using a firm hand shake and being friendly and likable.   Many people forget about making solid eye contact though. Eye contact shows you are trust worthy and above board to an experienced interviewer. Also, your body language and posture speaks volumes about you all throughout your business meeting. Remember there is no substitute for enthusiasm and passion.


Always make sure you sit upright without slouching, leaning forward a little shows you are an eager listener too.  It is an absolute must to present a polished professional appearing resume on paper for your interviewer. Now they can take notes and formulate questions easier since you have been courteous enough to help them. All of these please the visual interviewers who focus on the visual evidence you present at the interview.


Pleasing the analytical behavioral based interviewer will be the most challenging. First start with a visit to the company’s website for some research, you will want to get a good handle on their main mission, customers, corporate values, teamwork philosophy, marketing plan and community involvement. Now that you have all this in mind, know that the interviewer will be focused on what your behaviors were in all types of different situations. If you were so successful at Google as a Marketing Director why exactly did you ever leave? That is an example of a behavioral question. 


These are not going to be easy for anyone. Your best course of action here is to practice, in front of a mirror with a tape recorder or even better the video recorder. Long pauses because you were caught off guard are simply not acceptable. Get all of the stumbling and bumbling out of the way in your practice sessions. Take notes on your short comings, and make improvements through practice. When you are formulating a list of questions to ask, see yourself as the boss who must find that one stellar employee.   


What would be your course of action when you get a customer complaint at Yahoo about your attitude? What did you think when you missed out on the Employee of the Month award at Google 12 straight times? Since you are in the twilight of your career already, what innovative ideas did you offer Electronic Arts on the latest emerging gaming technologies? All are some more quick examples to get you started in the right direction.  (Written evidence of your performance is helpful here too.)


Another type of interviewer is the relationship builder. They will focus on your social and relationship building skills to make sure you can fit in with their current team, just as much as your competency in your job. Although these interviews may feel like you are having an informal conversation with a new friend in the business, get ready for a surprise tough question right after your guard is relaxed. Prior research into the company will help you here too. 


These managers will definitely be examining your LinkedIn profile to check out your connections and recommendations too. If you are deemed a well connected team player, involved in your community with above average social skills, you are more likely to succeed. Here focus on how you helped the team, how you fit in well and helped others too. These interviewers know that people well adapted to a social work place have a higher success rate and are more likely to stick around. A candidate who has practiced answering tough questions in advance using video play back to catch and correct problem areas will definitely make a positive impression. It has worked well for highly paid executives, politicians and actors!   

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Source by Darrell DiZoglio

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