Jarhead – Boma Yé (Prod. J. Chef)

Jarhead - Boma Yé (Prod. J. Chef)

Jarhead – Boma Yé (Prod. J. Chef)

The Abovav Play geniuses behind the anthemic single, “Still Nigerian” have come again to feed you with another banger – this time, a little more aggressive – titled “Boma Yé.” Delighted to give you another track from their anxious-to-be-released collection, the duo doesn’t seem to want to tolerate the time wasting effect. 
Through the song “Boma Yé,” Jarhead is conveying the fact that he is coming into this industry with the intent to “kill him.” Him being any one of your favorite rappers or singers due to the fact that he infuses both ballistic bars and voluptuous vocals into his music. “Boma Yé” has such a merciless vibe to it and is encompassing Jarhead’s attitude regarding his music, the music industry and the music business. With everybody shouting “Boma Yé,” over the next few weeks and months to come, he’ll be well encouraged to do just that.

– Lalaboiy


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