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KMA Diamonds Is a Financial Empowerment Program that was initiated by Keeping Marriage Alive to help eradicate poverty in the family especially  married couples who are financially challenged.

The term KMA is not restricting it to married couples only. KMA is also open to singles who desire to lift themselves to the Next level, Morally, Academically, Financially, Spiritually, Relationship Wise, Socially, Professionally and otherwise.

This is achieved through “HABIT SHOP“.

HABIT SHOP, Just like the name Sounds is an intensive habit workshop that deals on character building,morals, relationships, marriage, finance and workplace. Our Life as We Know it is nothing more But a Chain Of habits. You Wake Up Every Morning By 5 am, You Brush Your teeth, Do your House Chores, Bathe, take your Breakfast and you are off to work, that is  habit. You speak in a very unique way, such that whoever hears your voice even without seeing you speaking knows its You. that is a Habit. For You to Grow and get to that Required next level You need to get rid of the Bad habits that will prevent that Growth and Develop new Ones. That is What we do at The KMA HABIT SHOP.

 Skills Acquisition Programmes/Training: KMA Diamonds are trained on various vocational skills,   and on completion of these programmes, grants are made available for the KMA Diamonds to start up while some are offered direct job.

Last year, 5 families were selected as KMA Diamonds and were recognized at the maiden edition of KMA Awards, 2014.where prominent dignitaries like Prof. Pat Utomi, Hon. Cosmas Okoli etc were recipient of KMA Awards in various categories.

These families benefited from KMA under the KMA Diamonds platform in various ways ( Medical/Maternity bills, Clothing/Welfare etc.).




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