See What Arsene Wenger Said After Arsenal’s Important Victory

On Wednesday, December 9, the Gunners won Olympiakos with 3:0 score and moved to knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League.

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Wenger’s team went to the match knowing they must win by two clear goals. However, the hat-trick of  Giroud solved the problem.

After the game Arsene Wenger said: “I’m proud of consistency, it demands a lot of effort every day. Now we have escaped, maybe it’s a lucky year for us in the Champions League. If you look at the players who were out today, and the performance we produced, it was absolutely outstanding.”

The coach also added: “Yes it was Arsenal’s greatest escape under Wenger. I must say I’m very proud of the team, we needed to be right on the mental side and the tactical side. At 2-0 we needed to push for the third goal. We had the perfect game. “

He also stressed that you don’t need to single Giroud out tonight because he scored the goals.

“He showed character as well, the penalty was important. And I’m happy for him because he did well again,” Wenger said.

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