Channels TV Boss John Momoh Is The New BON Chairman


Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria
(BON ) has a new chairman in the
person of Channels TV boss, John
Momoh .

John Momoh ’s emergence now putd
him put him on a unique class as he
now becomes the very first private
media owner to head BON.
The Channels TV boss will be head
over 100 members and over 250 radio
and television stations., a position
many feel won’t be too tough for the
man with over 37 years experience in
the industry.
The Broadcasting Organisation of
Nigeria (BON ) now currently has 14
members as its Central Working
Committee (CWC) and they include
Nigerian Television Authority (1),
Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria
(1)Voice of Nigeria (1), DAAR
Communications (1), Silverbird
Communications (1), Chair from the
North West, North East, North Central,
South South, South West,South East
regions (6), Independent Broadcasters
Association of Nigeria (2) and
Executive Secretary/Chief Executive
Officer (1). It was established in 1973.

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