Ekweremadu, Dares President, spoke at the second annual conference of the Young Parliamentary Forum (YPF) in Abuja

Ekweremadu, the deputy Senate president, spoke at the second annual conference of the Young Parliamentary Forum (YPF) in Abuja

– Many Nigerians have been speaking out concerning the presidency’s stand on issues relating to the restructuring of Nigeria

– Ekweremadu joined those supporting the restructuring of the country maintaining that this is the major solution to the many challenges it Nigeria is facing

Deputy Senate president, Ike Ekweremadu, has declared that Nigeria must undergo restructuring as this is the best way to resolve all its challenges.

Buhari and Osinbajo maintain that restructuring as needed by Nigerians is not the solution to the country’s problems

With this, Ekweremadu may have discredited the stand of the Muhammadu Buhari administration which believes that restructuring is a no-go area.

In what shocked many of his supporters days ago, Osunbajo had declared that restructuring is not the solution to the crises facing the country but that what the Nigeria needs is good governance.

Osinbajo’s comment came at the same time President Muhammadu Buhari declared that the country’s unity is untouchable.

Buhari and Osinbajo had faced wide condemnation over their stand on true federalism and restructuring since then.

The pan Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, and its rival Aferifere Renewal Group (ARG) differed with the stance of Osinbajo, that the call for the restructuring of Nigeria would not make any difference.

Punch reports that, while speaking at the second annual conference of the Young Parliamentary Forum (YPF) in Abuja,  Ekweremadu maintained that the country must stop its current practice of feeding states and instead adopt true federalism.

“I disagree with those who say that Nigeria does not necessarily need restructuring, but good governance that will eliminate corruption.

“The truth is that it is difficult to tame corruption where the federating units virtually run on free federal allocations that some people see as national cake, not their own sweat.

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