Forget about Biafra – President Buhari tells agitators


President Buhari yesterday asked agitators of
Biafra to forget the plan. Speaking with some
NYSC members, particularly those from the
south East, who paid him a visit at his home in
Daura, Katsina state yesterday, President Buhari
“Tell your colleagues who want Biafra to
forget about it. As a military commander,
I walked from Degem, a border town
between the north and the east, to the
border between Cameroons and Nigeria.
I walked on my foot for most of the 30
months that we fought the Nigeria-Biafra
civil war, in which at least 2 million
Nigerians were killed. We were made by
our leaders to go and fight Biafra not
because of money or oil, because oil
was not critical factor then, but because
of one Nigeria. So if leaderships at
various levels failed, it was not the fault
of the rest of Nigerians who have no
quarrel with one another. So please tell
your colleagues that we must be
together to build this country. It is big
enough for us and potentially big enough
in terms of resources. Those who work
hard will earn a respectable living. I have
seen this country, I fought for this
country and I will continue to work for
the unity of this country,’’he said.

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