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Governor reportedly buys 3000 coffins as angry Nigerians ‘punch’ him (photo)

Governor reportedly buys 3000 coffins as angry Nigerians ‘punch’ him (photo)

Governor reportedly buys 3000 coffins as angry Nigerians ‘punch’ him (photo)

Governor of Kastina state, Aminu Masari, accused of procuring coffins and distributing them to mosques

Mabai took to his Twitter handle to reveal the development and wondered why, instead of paying workers and bringing solution to the trouble in the land, the governor was buying coffins with public funds.

In many states in Nigeria, workers are owed various amounts in salaries and arrears while pensioners have severally protested alleged neglect.

The country is also facing recession which has seen the prices of food skyrocketing.

Read Mabai’s tweets below:

What have we done to deserve this? Why will a Gov purchase coffins with public money? #Katsina #Masari @dawisu

— Jamil Mabai (@jaymb000) September 6, 2016

Instead of Masari to Pay outstanding Salary No, instead he purchased 3000 coffins at 40,000 each.#Katsina — Jamil Mabai (@jaymb000) September 6, 2016

Sample of metal coffins purchased by Gov Masari at N40,000 each @gimbakakanda @Omojuwa @ogundamisi

— Jamil Mabai (@jaymb000) September 6, 2016

According to Masari Katsina people deserve to die, what is the rationale behind distributing 3000 coffins to mosque? — Jamil Mabai (@jaymb000) September 6, 2016

Sometimes Gov Masari’s decision sounds like a fairy tale..#MasariCoffin..

— Jamil Mabai (@jaymb000) September 6, 2016

Instead of paying outstanding salary Masari decides to purchase coffins worth N40,000 @ogundamisi @MrAyeDee @cchukudebelu @jhpkatsina — Jamil Mabai (@jaymb000) September 6, 2016

people are faced with hunger while Gov Masari is buying 3000 coffins to be distributed at various mosque at N40,000 each @dawisu@Omojuwa

— Jamil Mabai (@jaymb000) September 6, 2016

Many who retweeted the posts, also slammed the governor for taking such an action.


@jaymb000 @MrAyeDee @ogundamisi @cchukudebelu @jhpkatsina that’s madness. Pure and simple — Wale inspirited (@WInspirited) September 6, 2016

@jaymb000 @MrAyeDee @ogundamisi @cchukudebelu @jhpkatsina Killing is more lucrative.

— Akanbi IFAgbemileke (@RVincci) September 6, 2016

@jaymb000 @dawisu I guess he is wishing death for KT people — Habib™ (@habsan) September 6, 2016

@jaymb000 @dawisu @omojuwa it was same Masari that distributed hundreds of goats for so called economic development.

— Taheer Habeeb (@Taheer_Hb) September 6, 2016

@jaymb000 Was the massive procurement of coffins for state use a part of his pre-election campaigns? Huge Joke@dawisu @Omojuwa — Dr_Faraj (@tolu_dr) September 6, 2016

@jaymb000 he’s planning ahead, they already know that they are going to kill many masses with hunger due to their bad economy policy.

— Azeez saka (@AzeezSaka4) September 6, 2016

@jaymb000 Even Gov Shettima of Borno NEVER toyed with this condemnable action when faced with BH & its consequences.@dawisu @Omojuwa — Dr_Faraj (@tolu_dr) September 6, 2016

@Omojuwa @jaymb000 @dawisu This is madness & waste of tax payers’ money, even un-Islamic bcos Islam is against use of coffin 4 burial.

— Fakol (@Fakol01Olaide) September 6, 2016

@jaymb000 That’s #Nigeria for you. The elites want you dead. — Udodinobi (@udodinobi) September 6, 2016

@jaymb000 @dawisu @Omojuwa these so called leaders have failed in governance. Just imagine

— ☀AkinFolarin FLO☀ (@folypatfilm) September 6, 2016

@Omojuwa @jaymb000 @dawisu i wonder why they have become deaf over wat matters to our daily life,light .water. food clothing and shelter 1st — jhornymeg (@jhornymeg90) September 6, 2016

@jaymb000 @Oddy4real @dawisu to bury the civil servants that will die of starvation due to lack of salaries na!

— Yemi Web Master (@ScarTissue101) September 6, 2016

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