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The militants said if the Federal Government
fails to listen to them, they will blow up
refineries in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Warri,
and the Utorogun gas plant in Otu-Jeremi in
Ughelli South Local Government Area, Delta
The group also issued a 48-hour ultimatum to
oil multinationals still in the upland of the
region, especially in the Ogba/Egi axis of Rivers
state, Urhobo/Isoko/Ndokwa axis of Delta state
and other upland oil producing areas to
evacuate their personnel.
A statement by the group’s spokesman, Gen.
Aldo Agbalaja reads:
“We have keenly watched developments in the
country in recent times, developments that
are most depressing, very much depicting the
marginalization and subjugation of the hapless
people of our region.
“We have thought very deeply about the
ongoing shenanigan and play-acting going on
between the federal government and some
self-styled ‘Niger Delta agitators’ and thought if
we fail to make our own statement now, then
there will be no future for the larger Niger
Delta region.”
“For the avoidance of doubts, the Niger Delta
Greenland Justice Mandate is not in the mold
of the various criminal gangs that have so far
paraded themselves as fighting for the interest
of the people of the Niger Delta, but who
indeed have been engaged in fight for
personal enrichment.
“We are not one of them. We are out to tell
the world that there is a Niger Delta that is
made up of many tribes and tongues, the
people of whom have so far suffered both
local and national oppression.
“We have come at this point to ensure that our
oppressors, being the federal government, the
state governments in the six core Niger Delta
states who have received billions of dollars
over the past years but have brought little or
no development to the region and the so-
called super-ethnic nations, who have yielded
to greed and wickedness and have exposed the
rest of us in the oil-rich, but deeply
impoverished region, to crippling squalor.”
The statement further said: “Federal
government and the oil multinational
companies have been making a very grave
mistake by equating the interest of the Ijaw
people as that of all the tribes of the region.
Indeed, this is a mistake that is about to take a
more devastating toll than has ever been seen
or experienced in the history of Nigeria.
“Any moment from now, we shall be making a
loud statement which we believe should be
loud enough for all to see and take seriously
and then afterwards state our demands.
“We have considered this ‘coming statement’
reluctantly inevitable because of the
recalcitrance of federal authorities, as well as
oil giants; they both have decided to ignore
calls to reason and have made violence the
only option.
“Just as in the 2009 experience, the federal
government and oil companies have started
yet another round of negotiation with the Ijaw
front, in the name of all the people of the
Niger Delta. This will not work. Since they do
not regard the assets in our areas important
enough to be protected, we shall root them all
out of the length of the Niger Delta. We don’t
want to make this mistake any longer, violence
pays as it has become the only voice that
government gives hearkens to.
“Finally, we are asking all the oil multinationals
still in the upland of our region; AGIP, TOTAL,
WESTERN, SEPLAT and others to commence the
evacuation of their personnel from the region,
especially in the Ogba/Egi axis of Rivers state,
Urhobo/Isoko/Ndokwa axis of Delta state and
other upland oil producing areas, within the
next 48 hours.
“We also want to bring it to the attention of
the federal government and the NNPC that the
refineries in Warri (Urhobo land) and Port
Harcourt (Eleme) and the gas plant in Otorogun
will all come down in few days from now.
“We just hope that the Nigerian government
will continue ignoring us so that we can perfect
what those in the riverine area started.”
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The current most notorious militant group,
Niger Delta Avengers, has also vowed to
continue the attacks on oil installations in the
region, dismissing any form peace talks with
the Federal Government that is purportedly
being facilitated by the Emancipation of the
Niger Delta.

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