Photo: Nigerian ‘footballer’ stands trial for delivering drugs in Phnom Penh, Cambodia


The Phnom Penh Municipal Court Cambodia,
yesterday, June 7, heard the case of a self-
described Nigerian footballer allegedly arrested
with 100 grams of methamphetamine in the
capital’s Choam Chao commune in January.
During the short hearing, the 30-year-old
Nigerian national Francis Ihenwe Oderah,
confessed to having acted as a delivery man,
but asked the court for clemency as he was not
a dealer himself.
“A woman called me to receive the drugs
from a motodop and then bring those
drugs to customers, promising to give me
$50. When I got the drugs, I brought
them to her customers near a petrol
station in Choam Chao and the police
arrested me,”
Oderah said in a statement to police, which was
read aloud in court and confirmed by Oderah
himself. Oderah said he knew the woman only
over the phone, and had been put in touch with
her by a Nigerian friend.
A test of the 100 grams of meth, the results of
which were also read in court, showed they had
a purity of about 72 per cent.
He asked the court to release him, saying “I
know I was wrong to break the law”.
A verdict is due on July

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