Wahala dey!!?Man caught stealing Christmas gifts for his kids

He was caught by CCTV cameras inside a supermarket shoplifting for his kidsA middle-aged Kenyan man has been arrested after he was caught inside a supermarket in downtown Nairobi, shoplifting.Dressed casually in a polo shirt and denim pants, he walked into the convenient store and walked tothe far end where they stock children toys and dolls.He took a remote controlled toy-car and stuffed it inside his shirt. Next, he took a small doll and stuffed it inside his pants before heading to the candy section.

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Unknown to him, he was being monitored from the control room and the guards were waiting to apprehend him as he left the store.With candies for his kids, a toy car and a doll stuffed inside his clothes, the man then started walking towards the exit, hoping to make a dash for it. He was arrested and taken to the police station where he explained that he was stealing the gifts since his kids were waiting for them at home.

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