Why Governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomhole, has accused Governors in the South-South of plotting



Oshiomhole also alleged that the PDP in Edo
state hired 8,000 militants to rig the
governorship elections.
The Edo Governor said this when he hosted
the Inspector –General of Police, Ibrahim
Idris at the Edo Government House.

He alleged that the Edo PDP liaised with
Governors of Rivers and Delta states to bring
militants to the state and disrupt the elections.
According to Leadership, Oshiomhole said “In
line with my tradition, I have always tried to
speak out on any matter that I am worried
about. I first raised this alarm on the eve of
INEC Continuing Voters’ Registration exercise,
an exercise that has been designed to register
those who have become eighteen between the
last registration and the current one.

“But these criminals who are determined to
perpetrate violence and deny us the beauty of
a peaceful election, unable to find local
participants have chosen to import these
militants with the support of two or so of my
brothers. When I say brothers, I mean brother
governors. It doesn’t matter if I disagree with
them, they are my brothers.

“They are exporting militants to Edo State to
register so that with the PVC in their hands,
they will appear to have the lawful basis to be
present at the designated polling units where
they are expected to unleash violence on
election day.”
He said, “When I raised this alarm, I should
expect naturally criminals are not as
courageous as they seem.

They denied that
there was any such plan, but happily our ever
vigilant, the peace-loving electorate were able
to apprehend some of these people from
other states that came into Edo State for the
purpose of this exercise.

“At least, thirteen of them were handed over
to the police. The IG may wish to establish
what has happened to those people who were
handed over. So, we handed them over to the
police in line with what we were expected to
do as civilised people.

“Having done that, we are clear that there are
a lot of people, up to eight thousand of them
who are non-resident in Edo State, who are not
indigenes of Edo State, who are indigenes and
residents of Delta and Rivers states and some
other states in the South-South, some from
Bayelsa state who have registered for the sole
purpose not to swell the votes, but to be
present in various locations on election day.

“Now, as part of the processes they put in
place to effect this, they had conspirators in
INEC that made available to them data
capturing machine in the residences of various
opposition leaders.

We shared these
experiences with the police and the DSS.”
The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo
State has described the Peoples Democratic
Party’s (PDP) claim » that it influenced the
postponement of the state governorship
elections as idiotic.

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