Woman who trafficked her 11 year old daughter for heroin gets 51 years inPrisonment

A 32 year old mother, April Corcoran, who
trafficked her 11 year old daughter for heroin
said told the judge who handled her case
that she was ashamed about what she did to
her daughter, but the judge pointed out that
she never offered any apology to the child.
Judge Leslie Ghiz said:”I can honestly say that,
in three-and-a-half years on the bench, this is
by far the worst thing that has come before
this court,” Ghiz said. “I don’t know that you
grasp the damage that has been done to this
poor child,” Ghiz said, noting that the girl is
undergoing medical care, has had suicidal
thoughts and is taking medications.
“You showed no kind of mercy”. So Ghiz in
turn decided not to show any mercy to the
mother and sent her to 51 years to life during
her sentencing Tuesday in Hamilton County
Common Pleas Court.
Corcoran pleaded guilty in June to multiple
counts of complicity to rape, human trafficking
and child endangering involving her child.
Corcoran also admitted giving the girl heroin
sometimes as a reward but the child vomited
each time. Ghiz allowed Corcoran to read a
statement in court. The statement read:
“I made selfish, horrible choices that
will affect (the girl) for the rest of her
life”. “I am consumed by guilt and
shame every day.”
That didn’t move the judge. The little girl was
sodomized, raped, forced to perform oral sex
and frequently videotaped by Corcoran’s drug
dealer, 42 year old Shandell Willingham, in his
Camp Washington home, prosecutors say.
The rapes, sodomy and other horrible
incidents happened between February and
June 2014.
The girl’s grandparents told the judge they
hoped for justice for their granddaughter and
that others would be protected from
Corcoran. The girl’s grandmother spoke
quietly in court.
“I saw my granddaughter. I heard her
small voice,” Sylvia Corcoran said. “It
was horrific. How could she (Corcoran)
do this? I don’t know if my
granddaughter is going to be able to
have a normal life.”
The girl, now, 13, is living out of state with
her father and stepmother.
Corcoran’s lawyer, James Bogen, said his client
has been “sickened and disgusted” by what
she’s done since she’s been in jail.
Shandell Willingham faces the same charges as
Corcoran, has been convicted in Indiana on
unrelated drug charges as well as on child
pornography charges.A hearing in his case is
set for Aug. 10.

Source: AP

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