Nnamdi Kanu IPOB says leader’s life is under serious threat

Nnamdi Kanu is currently being detained
at the Kuje Prison in Abuja on charges of

Nnamdi Kanu is currently being detained
at the Kuje Prison in Abuja on charges of

The group’s comments were contained in a
statement released by spokespersons, Emma
Mmezu and Dr Clifford Iroanya.
The statement reads:
Our leader’s life, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu is under
serious threat. The DSS has been using some
unscrupulous prison officials to unleash some
dehumanizing treatments, such as firing
dangerous chemical substance into the cell
room of Mr. Kanu who has been in detention
since October 14th, 2015 in Kuje prison Abuja.
They have not stopped at harassing Mr. Kanu,
they are also harassing members of IPOB,
Kanu’s friends and relatives who went to visit
him in Kuje prison. They arrest anybody who
went to visit him in Kuje prison.

Prison authorities and the warders in Kuje
prison shot poisonous substance in the name
of disinfectant into Nnamdi Kanu’s cell room to
suffocate him, and we keep asking who they
are working for, and who sent them to kill
We further ask who brought the poisonous
substance into the prison and why must it be
fired specially into his cell room through his
window to suffocate him? The canisters of
poisonous gas with bullet shell have been
shown to British Government that went to
VISIT our leader at Kuje Prison following the
failed assassination attempt.
We have in our possession incontrovertible
evidence which has now been sent to the US
for exhaustive analysis of the toxic chemical
content. The Nigerian government cannot tell
the world where Nnamdi Kanu and his
members committed crime, and instead of
them to release him, they are still holding him
and some other members in the prison and
security cells throughout the country.

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We have warned before and will continue to
warn that nothing happens to our leader Mazi
Nnamdi Kanu, he should be released to go and
get adequate treatment from his doctors for
his present ill health, which came as a result of
the aggravated abuse of his fundamental rights
in prison.

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