Meet Ezeugwu chidiogo Kindness from
Enugu state popularly called Kindness fidelis
or Black B. JGBlog caught up with her in
an interview where she bared it all,
everything you need to know about the
budding actress cum presenter.
JGBlog – Hi, black b
Kindness – Hello, you just called that name
the way i love it
JGBlog – Its been a while, what have you
been up to?
Kindness – Am good, just got done with
NYSC and have been busy with some short
courses online
JGBlog – Learnt you are now an OAP
Kindness – Giggles, yes I work as a presenter
in one of the radio stations in Enugu
JGBlog – Do you still act?
Kindness – Sure I do, I just finished a short
clip recently, its been mostly online short
JGBlog – What are your short term goals?
Kindness – Well, I hope to improve on
myself and on my career too
JGBlog – Improve on yourself!!! Could you
please throw more light
Kindness – Of course I need to look deep
down and work on my weaknesses so as to
improve on my values and virtues as a
JGBlog – You read Engineering, how come
its all about entertainment now?
Kindness – Not like i don’t want to practice
my profession, its just that i always had flair
for entertainment right from time, but
currently I have been undergoing some
short courses online basically on media and
JGBlog – What advice do you have for the
up comers?
Kindness – We are all in the game together,
am not there yet, so whether you are an
actress or a presenter, you need to keep
your head high, set your priorities right,
study books that are in line with your
career, and finally pray very hard
JGBlog – Could we know some movies you
featured in?
Kindness – OK, uhmmm, Lost pride,
Nwonyeke Nsukka, James Town, Sinful heart
and so on
JGBlog – Can we get a little social?
Kindness – OK, on
kindness fidelis, on Instagram,
kindness fidelis, and on Twitter
JGBlog – Good having you around Black B
Kindness – Thank you and may God bless
you richly

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