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Style 3 types of hat that are great for the modern Nigerian man

The weekend » is upon us again
and guys want to look fly, so, why
not go for a simple accessory
piece that speaks volumes. Here
are three types of hats that are
great for the modern man on the
weekend » .


The fedora hat comes in so many different
styles. » This is probably the number one way
to stand out and look stylish at any event or
occasion. You could wear rags and add on a
fedora and you’d look amazing.

Face cap:

This is a staple head piece for men and has
been for a while now. It is the symbol of
relaxation and a good time. Seeing as this is
the weekend and you just wanna chill from all
that weekend stress, the face cap is your go to.

Round velvet cap:

This is the mark of the modern Nigerian man
who believes and hold fast to his culture. The
shape of the hat itself originated from the
northern side of the country but is now more
of a trend that works with just about any look.

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