Popular Lagos Policeman Showers His Wife-to-be With Sweet Words Ahead of Their Wedding


Popular Lagos Policeman Showers His
Wife-to-be With Sweet Words Ahead of
Their Wedding

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Popular Lagos policeman Aliyu Giwa
who is the deputy PPRO (Police Public
Relations Officer) of Lagos State has
showered his wife-to-be Oyin Affinnih
with sweet words ahead of their
August 27th wedding.
He wrote on his Instagram page,
Well, Honestly I don’t know how to
write Love story. I try to learn but
each time spent,I never seem to be
getting it right.
But one thing I am sure of my dear,
is that your love triumphs because of
your commitment and zeal for life.
And because you comprehend my
love for you everyday.
My love, Like we both know, Time
may heal all wounds, but the scars
can last a lifetime. Whether physical
or mental, we all carry the baggage
of the past with us into the present. I
am so sorry I keep bringing my past!
Alhamdulilah that stopped a long
time ago!
Now that you are here, the story don
change! Trust me on this! I have
nothing to fear, with you is where I
belong I know it, I feel it so strong
now! Nothing has been more clear
than this! That it is your love I hold
so dear and inside is the cry of my
My love, I feel your love night and
day, and how I wish, I could put my
love into words! My heart was set
free with your love and believe me,
it now flies with the birds! thank you
for loving me, and for allowing me
to love you.
I feel blessed with you in my life!
Oyin the honey! Because of you, I
don turn lover man Police!
Because of you I can write for love…
Because of you My world is now
Because of you my 1+1=1 …..
Because of you I ain’t scared of
good-byes! Believe me dear You are
my pillar and you motivate me to go
on with life!
Because of you I don’t have to try
and find the right person!
And because of you
My love is as pure as water
And it’s all because of You oh!

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