Relationship Talk “I’m perfect for her but she dumped me for an idiot

Dear Bukky,
I want to understand why my
girlfriend has decided to leave me
for an “idiot” despite the fact that
I am perfect for her. I say so
because I know I love her and
have done everything to please
her. If she didn’t like something, I
will change. We talked about
everything to make sure we were
fine at all times. I gave her all she
wanted even when i didn’t have. I
was good in bed and was kind to
her, her family and friends and
even introduced her to my
parents. I seriously do not
understand. Please help me. Do I
go after her? What do I do?

Dear Buchi,

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I really want to sympathise with you for losing
your girlfriend but the arrogance and subtle
pride in your writing are what bothers me. If I
may be right for a second, maybe that’s exactly
why she left you. Remember, I could be
What do you mean by “I am perfect for her”?
She alone should know who is perfect for her
or whom she wants to spend the rest of her
life with. Unfortunately, you never mentioned
how many years you guys have been together.
If for a short time, then maybe she got
overwhelmed or felt everything was in such a
Sometimes it’s not about being perfect for the
ones we love. Its about being yourself. Let
them see your flaws and then accept you for
who you really are. Trying to be “perfect” for
her may have comeout as you being fake or
not showing your real self.
However, if you really did or do love her, go
after the one you love. But please don’t be so
hopeful that she would get back with you or be
the person you once knew. Prepare yourself
for anything. I am really sorry for the break
up. Simply calm down, think things through
and then give her a call or ask for another
Goodluck to you sweetheart.

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