The Religion, Ethnic conspiracy against humanity by blood sucking demons in Nigeria. – Prince Uc Augustine.


The Religion, Ethnic conspiracy against humanity by blood sucking demons in Nigeria. – Prince Uc Augustine.

The human race have suffered so much hate and wickedness from some blood tasty demons in human skin for some time now. This demons hide behind, Religion, Ethnicity to carry out their wicked act.

For over 10years now, some Arab and islamic dominated countries have been under attack over religion believes, where some set of muslims have resulted to murdering people who do not share same believes as them. What I realise in this countries is that, even though you are a Muslim like them and you do not share same ideology then you are known to be an infidel (a person who has no religion or whose religion is not that of the majority).

I wonder why anyone would justify the killing of a fellow human in the name of religion, this is the reason I have to conclude that this people are not actually fighting for the almighty God that I know and serve but self imposed god who is too weak to fight its own battle.

When I was little, my mother often told me that the creator is so mighty and loving, She said God created the world with the word of mouth and can also destroy it same way he created it if he wishes to do so. This makes me wonder why this same God will be too weak to fight his own battles now, is God now powerless? The answer is “NO”. The almighty God that I know is too mighty and not a coward god who sends a mere mortal to fight its battles, this is where I realise that its simply a conspiracy against humanity. Human against human, Nations against Nations, religions against religions and Ethnics and ethnics, an evil manipulated minds that do not value the beauty of life.( end time I guess).
A woman preacher was brutally murdered in Kubua, Abuja Nigeria few days ago, and till date no single soul has been arrested, yet another murder occurred in zamfara state Nigeria where 8 people were brutally killed and burnt for alleged blasphemy of the Prophet muhammed who is not the God the real muslims are worshipping. It is just a manipulation of the devil and a conspiracy against humanity. (No justification).

It is so disheartened that no single soul has been arrested for this gruesome murder of the woman preacher who is a Redeem church Member and the 8 innocent citizens that was brutally killed in zamfara for blasphemy. Another evil act by this despicable demons is the killing of inocent Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen everywhere in the country and till date, No serious measure has been taken by the Government to tackle their continued injustice against the citizens of our country.

Who are this conspirators that are conspiring against the people of Nigeria? Is it the Police that has refused to arrest any of this murderers? The Government who turned deaf hears to the cry of the innocent minorities? Or the Religious leaders? Or some set of People from the North who share the same believes with the ISIS in Arab nations?

I blame the southerners for the killings of many Southerners in the Northern part of Nigeria, I blame the fact that the Southerners have become the shadows of themselves in a country that comprises of different Ethnic and Religious diversity, where equal rights is expected to thrive.

How can one define the silence of all Southern leaders to the continuous killings of fellow southerners in the North? I am beginning to think that too much education has turned most southern leaders to Psycho. They have completely lost it this time by allowing the continuous brutal Murder of Southerners in the North with no justification.

What is the justification for taking the life of another? A life no one can give? A life that was wonderfully created by the almighty God. Who is more powerful than God himself?? The only one with the awesome power to create and destroy at will.

This conspiracy must stop if Nigeria must remain one to face her current challenges.

The Religious leaders must speak against this murder and injustice against humanity, they must educate their people that Prophet muhammed will not support or accept any killings in his name.
Our Police must carry out their jobs without fear or favour, they must arrest detain and prosecute all murderers, no matter their religion or ethnicity.
The Federal government and Northern governors must come out to condemn this killings to prove they are not part of this conspiracy that has killed more Nigerians in the name of Ethnic and Religious deferences.

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God bless Nigeria.
Prince Uc Augustine.
#BAN President.
CEO Naija Informate Media

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