See what this teenager does to manhood of every guy she’s had s*x with (photos)

An 18-year-old student, Lily Heaume, is getting herself creative by making penis sculptures modelled on her numerous sexual adventures. 

Lily exhibited her art at the Hampstead School of Art

Heaume has designed ten ceramic willies from memory based on each of the men she has slept with. She started moulding the different manhood she comes across after she received an angry text from a previous partner.

Lily displays her erotic pottery on a mantelpiece

She started with the angry partner’s and then it became something she decided to do always. She was working in the studio at the time he got the angry partner’s message so she just started modelling it using clay. She then carved “liar” into the sculpture.

The 18-year-old makes penis sculptures modelled on her past lovers

She then decided she would continue to design a clay clone for each of the notches on her bedpost. Each penis is painted white, adorned with a small blue flower and carved with a message personal to the owner.

She has made 10 in total for her art project

Those are ten penis sculptures, means she’s had contact with 10 penises at age 18?

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