Becky Lynch vs. Eva Marie resulted in a No Contest; Alexa Bliss def. Becky Lynch

Resembling shades of last week when she controversially had an unfortunate “injury” right
before her match against Becky Lynch began, this
week Eva Marie had a wardrobe malfunction prior to
squaring off with the Irish Lass Kicker that yet again
called off the contest. #PrayForEva.

With Lynch yet again seeing red but unable to get
her hands on her, she took to the microphone
proclaiming she was ready to scrap with anyone …
oh, Bliss.

Can Eva Marie come back from every women’s
worst nightmare?

Alexa Bliss answered the call, proving to be
unflappable in the face of Lynch’s experience. The
two Superstars went back and forth, yet it was Bliss
who sparkled brightest in her SmackDown Live
debut after Eva Marie returned to ringside “ready to
compete,” distracting Lynch, allowing Bliss to
capitalize, picking up the victory with Twisted Bliss.

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