Lionel Messi tribute statue vandalized

During the campaign to convince LionelMessi to come back frominternational retirement following the 2016 Copa America final defeat, Buenos Aires unveiled a statue of the Barcelona star.Lionel Messi after the 2015 Copa America final defeat to ChileThe move was successful as Messi wasimpressed bythe statute, located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires, is part of a ‘Glory Walkway’ honoring Argentine sports stars.However, vandals have other things on their mind. The statue was cut in half and what was more striking was that it was destroyed the same day Cristiano Ronaldo picked up his fourth FIFA Player of the Year award.

The statue was mutilated by vandals, cut in half with just the bottom left standing.Lionel Messi tribute statue vandalized“The statue of Lionel Messi fell victim toan act of vandalism that left the footballer’s sculpture without its top half,” a statement from the Buenos Aires city government read.“The City Government is now working on its repair.”It’s unknown who is responsible for the vandalization, or the motive behind it.

It however seems strange that but it’s more than a little strange that it happened on the day of Ronaldo’s latest personal triumph over Messi.

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