Raw Result: Sheamus def. Cesaro; leads the Best of Seven Series 2-0

Make it 0-2 for Cesaro, who had a hell of a time beating up on Sheamus before their Best of Seven Series began, but hasn’t been able to notch a “W” on The Celtic Warrior since the scorecards were brought into the equation. Granted, Sheamus won his first match off a poke in the eye (dirty!) and only managed to stay in this one through similarly unscrupulous means.

Sheamus got so underhanded that he almost himself
disqualified for using the ropes to help out with a pinfall attempt, but Cesaro stormed back into action before the ref could make the call. It ended up costing him. The Irishman back body-dropped Cesaro onto the ring post when The King of Swing chased him on the outside, then he hauled the writhing Swiss Superman back into the ring for a near-instant tapout by way of a Cloverleaf.

Irish eyes are smiling, and for Cesaro, that promised
championship opportunity is looking farther away than ever.

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