Rhyno def. Heath Slater to deny The One Man Band a SmackDown Live contract

With that ever-elusive contract on the line for Heath
Slater he, to quote The Beastie Boys, showed “heart
like John Starks,” but ultimately came up short against Rhyno.

However, Slater fought valiantly against The Man Beast, showing that for all his bravado, hyperbole and memory lapses on how many children he actually has that he is indeed as tough as they come.

Slater ultimately fell victim to the Gore after the
referee caught him with his feet on the ropes in a pinning attempt that could have put Rhyno down for a three count.

After the contest’s conclusion, the battletested Slater
sought out Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan to discuss (perhaps rant) about his future. McMahon and Bryan seemed inclined to award Slater a contract … until he told the Commissioner and the General Manager off and stormed out.

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