Video: Hilarious! Jose Mourinho Spots Journalist Sleeping At Post-Leicester Press Conference… Jose Is Back!!!

The Manchester United boss said that he was ‘sleeping like an angel’

There are certain managers who journalists can’t help nodding off around. Manuel Pellegrini springs to mind. God bless him, he seems like a lovely man but his press conferences were dull as dishwater. The charisma of a dishcloth. There’s an endless supply of dish-related descriptions for Pellegrini.

Does anyone like doing the dishes? No. It’s dull. Point made.

Sleeping with Jose

Jose Mourinho, however, is many things but he’s not dull. He’s the opposite. The Manchester United boss could be described as box office. So the poor soul who fell asleep at his press conference after the Community Shield win must have been jaded. An alert Mourinho, presumably pumped full of adrenaline, didn’t miss the man who was, as he put it, sleeping like an angel.

Watch the funny moment from the press conference in the video below.

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