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WWE BATTLEGROUND MATCH RESULTS: Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Darren Young ended in a Double Disqualification

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At WWE Battleground, when Intercontinental Champion The Miz put his hands on WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund and Darren Young refused to release a submission hold on the A-Lister outside the ring, the referee was forced to disqualify both competitors.

For months now, Darren Young’s Life Coach, Bob
Backlund, has aimed to “make Darren Young great again!” That truly manifested itself when Young triumphed in an Intercontinental Title No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal, which, in turn, gained the revitalized athlete enough notoriety for Raw
Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and her GM
Mick Foley to select him as part of the WWE
Extension Draft. Unfortunately, however, their pick was not destined to bring another championship home to Monday Night Raw.
From the opening bell, Young proved impressive in his WWE Battleground showdown against The Miz, employing a finely-tuned technique to score
several near falls on the overconfident titleholder.

That was until Maryse’s distraction allowed Miz to hurl his challenger from the top rope to the
ringside floor and seize the advantage.

The sheer will of Young was not to be denied and the fierce competitor soon regained control.

However, when Miz grew distracted by Backlund,
Maryse opted to slap the WWE Hall of Famer,
before to making it look like Backlund had knocked her to the floor. The A-Lister responded to this “appearance” of malice by pushing Backlund to the ground, inciting Young to lose control and lock his opponent into a submission hold outside the ring.

When he refused to release it, the referee was
forced to bring the match to a close.
Regardless of how the contest ended, one thing is undisputed: the Intercontinental Championship is staying with The Miz on SmackDown Live with Darren Young on the Raw roster after the WWE Draft , who next will attempt to take the Miz’s coveted title? Find out Tuesday night on SmackDown Live

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