WWE BATTLEGROUND MATCH RESULTS: Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Charlotte & Dana Brooke

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The WWE Universe wasn’t sure if Sasha Banks could find a partner to join her at WWE Battleground to square off against WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and her protégé, Dana Brooke. However, she did, and in the process revealed something about herself. It turns out that, behind all of the swagger and beneath all the bling, The Boss is a hugger.

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Banks asked one of her biggest rivals and fellow Four Horsewoman, NXT Superstar Bayley, to join forces, and the former NXT Women’s Champion answered the call in major fashion. In the end, Bayley helped The Boss pick up the victory, keeping Dana Brooke occupied while Sasha forced Charlotte to submit to the Bank Statement.

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The champion and her enforcer seemed confident that Banks wouldn’t be able to find a partner, but The Boss proved them wrong as the WWE Network event started. The WWE Universe was ecstatic to see Bayley, erupting in cheers as her trademark wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men soared toward the Verizon Center’s rafters. The rapturous cheers quickly turned to jeers as Charlotte and Dana ambushed their opponents before the bell. The WWE Women’s Champion pounced on Bayley, but the resilient NXT Superstar
fought out of the corner with a diving elbow and
sent Banks into action.

A fired-up Boss charged at Charlotte and
unleashed a hurricanrana off the ropes. However, the steely champion took advantage of her rival’s high energy, trapping Banks in her corner, where she and Brooke worked Sasha over. Banks slipped out of their clutches and tagged Bayley in, but the cheery Superstar was sent neck-first into the
turnbuckle, ensuring Charlotte and Dana stayed in control.

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Bayley rallied and tagged Sasha back into the
match, where The Boss nearly picked up the
victory with the Bank Statement, only for Dana
Brooke to save her by pulling the WWE Women’s
Champion out of the ring. Bayley neutralized the
meddling Brooke at ringside with a dropkick,
leaving Sasha alone in the ring with Charlotte.

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The Boss took advantage of the situation, locking on the Bank Statement in the center of the ring.

Charlotte had no choice but to tap out, giving
Bayley and The Boss a big victory. Having made the WWE Women’s Champion tap out, Sasha Banks can surely make a case that she’s next in line to challenge Charlotte for the title. That
fact wasn’t lost on Bayley, who celebrated the win with Banks the best way she knows how – with a big hug!

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