WWE: ‘The Highlight Reel’ with Randy Orton

The reveal of Randy Orton as Brock Lesnar’s
SummerSlam opponent came — yep — outta
nowhere, and The Viper is set to break his silence on a special edition of Chris Jericho’s “The Highlight Reel” live at WWE Battleground.

The Apex Predator, out of action since late last year with a shoulder injury, had been the subject of muc speculation among the WWE Universe concerning when, how, or even if, he would make his return.

The announcement that Orton will lock horns with The Beast Incarnate at SummerSlam only served to ramp up interest in The Viper’s return, and The Anomaly’s victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 only served to add even more question marks to SummerSlam’s first announced bout.

Will The Viper be able to compete at 100 percent
following a recovery that has been thus far shrouded in mystery? How aggressively did he scout Lesnar during his return to the Octagon? And can the master of the RKO manage to defeat The Beast in what is now unmistakably the peak of his second prime?

Host Chris Jericho will look to ascertain all this and
more when he welcomes Orton to “The Highlight
Reel” at WWE Battleground.

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