SUMMERSLAM MATCH RESULTS: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson def. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day via disqualification

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A split decision to save Jon Stewart from a possible bout of “Ringpostitis” cost The New Day their chance at a SummerSlam victory, but not their historic WWE Tag Team Championship reign.

Big E’s impromptu rescue of the former “Daily Show” host resulted in a loss via disqualification for his New Day partners Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods against Gallows & Anderson.

The returning strongman cost his allies the match by attacking the challengers before they could execute their “Ringpostitis” plans for Stewart , who had
introduced himself as an honorary New Day member earlier in the evening.

Of course, the tandem title clash at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center came about only after Gallows & Anderson injured Big E in an ambush of The New Day on Raw .

That attack put the assailants in the crosshairs of Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods, who were promised a chance to settle the score at SummerSlam — as long as the WWE Tag Team Championship was on the line.

With Big E initially on the sidelines, Stewart, a certified star who’s no stranger to stirring things up at SummerSlam, stepped into the ring to make an important announcement: He would attempt to fill the Superstar strongman’s shoes at the Biggest Event of the Summer . He then showed his colors by removing a grey hooded sweatshirt to reveal a bright blue New Day T-shirt.

The challengers, who headed to the ring wearing lab coats and requested to be described as doctors for the evening, opened the match by targeting Kofi Kingston. Karl Anderson traded blows with Kingston at the outset, but could not establish momentum against the veteran member of The New Day. Gallows also struggled to stem the tide against the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions.

A mid-match brawl created an opening for Gallows & Anderson, who promptly dropped Kingston with the Magic Killer. As they stepped forward to finish off the Ghanian grappler, Stewart, who watched the action from The New Day’s corner, entered the ring to protect his honorary partner.

At that point, Gallows & Anderson decided to target their intruder, cornering him before dragging the Emmy Award-winning entertainer across the ring in hopes of afflicting him with “Ringpostitis.” Before the challengers could do the deed, though, a healthy Big E rushed out from backstage and began striking Stewart’s tormentors until they were subdued.

The returning strongman’s efforts cost The New Day the win, but saved their WWE Tag Team Championship as the match result was decided because of a disqualification.

Because their tandem titles did not change hands, The New Day’s historic reign as WWE Tag Team Champions will continue. If they can keep their success going for 48 hours past SummerSlam, the larger-than-life trio will officially celebrate the one-year anniversary of their title-clinching victory at SummerSlam 2015.

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